March 20, 2017


Hydropool Swim Spas Models

Hydropool Swim Spas offer the best of both worlds at about half the cost of a traditional in-ground pool. Not only are they relaxing, self-cleaning and energy efficient; but you can also get exercise and train as well. Cool off, warm up, swim, exercise, and relax all in one beautiful package. Come check them out today or call for a quote!


Individual cross-training mini-pool with the athlete in mind.

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The AquaSport Swim Spa is a fiberglass reinforced acrylic one-piece mini-pool that delivers the most fun and has the exercise benefits of the AquaTrainer at a more affordable price.

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The AquaTrainer has variable resistant, adjustable current stream, thigh/abductor jets for lower body massage and resistance exercises and two hydrotherapy massage seats. The AquaTrainer is a pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all-in-one.

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