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Hot Tubs, Spas & Pools

Desert Oasis Spas & Pools is the premier dealer for Sundance Spas & Hydropools in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.
Sundance Spa Models

Climbing into a Sundance Spa can change your whole outlook. Let Desert Oasis Spas & Pools help you achieve your zin with the perfect spa.


Hydropools swim spas provide the ideal training environment for both athletes and casual swimmers alike.

Maintenance & Parts

Desert Oasis Spas & Pools carries a comprehensive line of filters, parts, covers, and countless other accessories. If you need it, we can find it.

Spazazz Bath & Spa Aromatherapy

As a leader in the industry, Spazazz products are specially formulated for both bath and spa use.

Rimrock Pools

New vinyl liner and fiberglass in ground pools, replacement liners and covers, equipment replacement and repairs, pool openings and closings.

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Let Desert Oasis Spas & Pools be your relaxation headquarters
Lorie Zellner knows Sundance Spas
Lorie Zellner
Lorie Zellner
Owner / Sales
With over 20 years selling Sundance Spas, Lorie’s experience and service oriented outlook will make you feel right at home.

COVID 19 Update

Thank you for being a part of our family. You welcome us into your home, and we want to continue playing an important role in your life during this challenging time in the world The health and wellness of our Desert Oasis community are of utmost importance keeping you safe and well with continued therapy. We take this responsibility seriously and the relationships we have built with our customers.

With the current situation we are in, we find ourselves being an ESSENTIAL business keeping your spa in proper operation, maintenance and disinfection. Additionally, the World Health Organization states that controlling water quality is necessary to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. Not to mention many of you rely on our chemicals for your well and cistern water sanitization.

With this in mind, we will continue to provide you with the chemicals needed to keep your spa, pool and drinking water sanitized. We will be here as well to keep your Spa and Pool operating properly and to make certain you stay safe.

We will continue to be open and accepting phone calls and emails for orders for chemicals and supplies. We will be glad to accept your order and deliver it to your doorstep free of charge with a $30.00 minimum order. With smaller orders, we would be happy to put it together for you, call us when you arrive, and we will have a curbside pick-up.

We will also be available to service your spa if there is a need to make it function properly. Our service technicians will be equipped with masks and gloves to minimize the threat of spreading any virus. We will however not be ringing doorbells or knocking on doors. For your scheduled appointment please make sure your fur babies are put up and you have given any entrance instructions possible so they may be noted.

We appreciate your patience in this uncharted time and look forward to having things get back to normal. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your business and your safety. So please be courteous with social distancing as well.

You can contact us by the following methods:

Phone: 970-644-5640